Aries Arise

With extensive backgrounds in the streetwear scene, the founders of Aries Arise, Fergus Purcell (AKA Fergadelik) and Sofia Prantera intend to approach fashion in a more experimental sense, a return to the eighties, when « streetwear was fashion and fashion was streetwear ». The friction between its past and its future together with an anti-fashion movement is what forms Aries Arise – a brand that in a short time has managed to place itself at the center of London’s creative hurricane.


  • T-shirt, jumper and dress created by shibori tie dye technique,  hand dyeing process.

Made by Nastasja Vancampenhout during her internship in the Aries Arise Studio in London.

Tools: Hand dying process

Mars 2019

#fashion, #shooting, #textile, ariesarise, handdye